Refi / Agroforestry / RWA Tokenization

Paulownia Regenerative Park

At GIC Consulting, we’re turning the tide on deforestation and pioneering a sustainable future through our groundbreaking “Paulownia Regenerative Park” initiative. By transforming Paulownia trees into a profitable venture, starting at just $50, we’re making eco-investment accessible to all. Join us in a venture where every tree planted is a step toward environmental restoration and financial prosperity.

Investment with Growth

Yields up to 9% per annum

1 tree absorbing up to 55 kg of CO2 annually

Transformation of wood into Paulownia logs for:

-Manufacturing of furniture
-Construction and carpentry
-Nautical industry
-Art and decoration

Transforming trees into a financially profitable and accessible product for everyone

The Power of Agroforestry

We collaborate with local farmers and land owner in Southeast Asia, converting their agricultural lands into thriving Paulownia forests. This model doesn’t just offer a new source of income to farmers and land owners; it’s a strategic battle against climate change. Our Paulownia trees are champions in CO2 absorption and soil stabilization, making an investment in them a direct investment in the planet’s health.

Who is this project for?


Additional Revenue: Profit from underutilized land.

Soil Revitalization: Enhance land fertility, reduce erosion.

Biodiversity Support: Foster a healthier ecosystem.

Land owner

Land Appreciation: Increase your land’s value over time.

Sustainable Legacy: Contribute to environmental healing.

Passive Income: Earn with minimal land management


Asset Tokenization: Real-world value of Paulownia trees represented as digital assets.

CO2 Capture Verification: Tangible contribution to carbon sequestration tracked and tokenized.

Nature as an Asset: Innovative investment in sustainable natural resources.

Use of Paulownia wood