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We are your partner in sustainable innovation, strategically leveraging the potential of Web3, Artificial Intelligence, and Regenerative Finance to transform business paradigms. Our aim is to pioneer a green and prosperous future where advanced technologies enhance environmental harmony and societal advancement. At GIC, we champion a vision where businesses of all scales can tap into groundbreaking innovations to deliver meaningful and lasting impacts. Embark on a journey with us to redefine the role of technology in creating a sustainable and equitable world.


At Global Innovation & Change, we accelerate your journey to transformational excellence by integrating Artificial Intelligence and bespoke digital strategies. Our approach streamlines your operations for peak efficiency and positions you at the vanguard of sustainable business practices.

Regenerative Finance

Empower your venture with financial strategies that regenerate the economy and nourish the planet.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness AI to streamline your processes, enhance decision-making, and drive innovative, sustainable solutions.


Leverage Web3’s decentralized ethos to build transparent, efficient, and environmentally conscious business models.


Empowering Digital Transformation & Emerging Technologies Advisory


  • Emerging Technologies Strategy and Integration: We offer expert strategies for weaving a variety of emerging technologies into your business fabric, enhancing efficiency, fostering innovation, and unlocking new growth opportunities.

  • Operational Excellence Through Advanced Solutions: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we streamline your operations, reduce costs, and bolster data-driven decision-making, ensuring your business thrives in a competitive landscape.

  • Digital Ecosystem Development: Create a robust digital ecosystem that enhances customer engagement and operational agility. Our team assists in developing platforms that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic digital presence.

  • Innovation Leadership Training: Equip your leaders with the knowledge and skills to drive innovation within your organization. Our tailored training programs cover the latest in technology trends, leadership strategies, and best practices for fostering a culture of innovation.


How Bitcoin will revolutionize the global energy market

How Bitcoin will revolutionize the global energy market

Bitcoin’s Proof of Work algorithm requires significant electricity consumption for blockchain progression.  Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm is indeed known for its substantial electricity consumption, primarily due to the energy-intensive mining...

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