Mastering Your Digital Presence: Security, Branding, and Identity Protection

This workshop, “Mastering Your Digital Presence: Security, Branding, and Identity Protection,” is designed specifically to raise high school students’ awareness of the crucial issues of digital security and managing their online image. In the digital age, where young people’s digital footprints are growing exponentially, this workshop provides essential tools to help them navigate the internet safely.

Participants will learn not only how to effectively protect their personal information against threats such as identity theft and phishing attacks, but they will also be guided in building a strong and consistent personal brand.

This is particularly relevant for high school students preparing to enter higher education or the job market, where a positive and professional digital image is often scrutinized by future employers or academic institutions. Additionally, the workshop will highlight cutting-edge technologies like Web3, preparing students to be at the forefront of digital technology. Offering this workshop in your institution directly equips your students with the skills necessary to face the challenges and opportunities of the digital world while helping them shape an online presence they can control and be proud of.

Training Content

1 / Introduction to Digital Footprints

Explain what digital footprints are, how they are created, and why they are important.

2 / The Power of Personal Branding


Teach participants how to consciously build and maintain a professional online persona.

3 / Security Fundamentals: Protecting Your Online Presence

Educate on basic security practices to protect online identities.

4 / Advanced Threats and AI: The New Frontier of Identity Theft


Highlight advanced digital threats, including those posed by artificial intelligence.

5 / Adopting Web3 for Identity Protection


Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and how they can be used to control and protect personal data

6 / Workshop Activity: Building Your Secure Online Brand


Apply the concepts learned through a practical and interactive activity.

Mastering Your Digital Presence Training

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