Introduction to ReFi Framework and Carbon Credit Tokenization 

Join our workshop to explore Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and innovative technologies in carbon credits. Learn about carbon credit tokenization, digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) services, and lifecycle traceability.

Gain hands-on experience with IoT, remote sensing, AI/ML, and DeFi applications for carbon credits. Ideal for NGO professionals promoting reforestation and sustainability. Equip yourself with the knowledge to implement ReFi and enhance carbon credit management. Lead the way in ecological sustainability.

Training Content

1 / Introduction to ReFi

Understand the basics of ReFi and its importance for ecological sustainability.

2 / Tokenization of Carbon Credits


Understand how carbon credits can be tokenized and the benefits of this approach.

3 / Use of dMRV (digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) Services

Use IoT, remote sensing, and AI/ML for monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon credits.

4 / Lifecycle Traceability of Carbon Credits


Understand the importance of tracking carbon credits throughout their lifecycle.

Introduction to DeFi Applications for Carbon Credits


Explanation of automated and fractionalized offsetting, on-chain de-risking, and forward credits.

Implementing ReFi and dMRV Technologies


Exercises on carbon credit tokenization and the use of dMRV technologies.

ReFi & Carbon Credits Training

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